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Well, Valentine’s Day is over. First of all, I wanted to thank everybody who wished me to get well while I was sick. You’re all sweet and thoughtful…I was still not feeling good  last Saturday but I am fine now.


I got a package on  Valentine’s Day, and I wasn’t expecting anything from anybody. I looked at the box and it was from my cousin EDS who lives in UK. Yehey! my movies are here..

valentine pictures 004



At first, I! what a great Valentine present. I know she was going to send me some Tagalog movies like she did last time, I just didn’t know when.  I got so excited. My hubby opened it for me.


valentine pictures 005


My husband said, “Iron? did you tell her that the $1 iron that you got from a yard sale doesn’t work anymore?” And I was like, no I didn’t. She wouldn’t send me any iron.



valentine pictures 006 valentine pictures 008

These were what’s inside the flat iron box. A beautiful purse, my style and my color (thanks EDS) and of course my 2 discs of Tagalog movies. We watched it right away “Dobol Trobol, and Kulam” I guess, that’s why I had a headache (atat manood ng tagalog, hehehe) after watching, because I was screaming my head off.  Judy Ann is  a great actress. She’s my favorite of all time, aside from Sharon and Maricel…

Eds, Thank you very much. You made my Valentine. Mwahhh! What have I done to deserve such thoughtfulness from you? Whatever it was, must be really good and worth a purse, Tagalog movies and your love. Again, mwahhhh!

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