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Last month I missed joining GT, it’s just I didn’t have any songs to match the theme. But because this week, we are talking about food. I will never miss it for the world.

Whenever we eat out, hubby and myself, there are only two places we want to go to.. Ryan’s (American food buffet) and China Buffet (We love Chinese food) At Ryan’s, I love their dinner rolls with honey spread. I mean, I am not into American food (specially Southern style) They have steak during dinner, but I can always cook steak at home. But because it’s closer to the house, sometimes we go there.

When we go to China Buffet, there is one thing that I cannot stop eating, it’s their salt and pepper shrimp. I don’t know how they cook it but it’s so tasty.

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

This is the main reason why I would drive 30 miles just to eat there. I love shrimp and for me, this is my “to die for” food.

Why don’t you join us here at Girl’s Talk and share with us what food do you love that cannot live without? no normal for someone who’s in love. You will do crazy things, unimaginable, and the most stupid thing you can ever think of. Why?? Coz you’re in love. And I am no different.

The only thing that I considered the stupidest thing that I have ever done which I considered also the best is..When I decided to leave my apartment in Chicago, my easy job as a Cafe Manager, my family and friends  to move in with Rodney here in Alabama. I didn’t even think about being in a strange place, no family, no friends. I guess, all I was thinking was, to be with him and start a life with him. That was in 2002.

We did have a difficult start financially, but, we went through it and we made our lives together. February 2nd, we’re officially living together for 9 years, being married 7 in April 9th, and although I can say that moving in with him was the stupidest thing I have ever done, in a way, it was the best too. Without my stupidity, I won’t have this wonderful and happy life that i have right now. :)

Have you done something stupid that ended up great? I have and look at me now. Happy and contented.. Have a great day!

Well, this week is the last week for Resolution. So I guess, we are talking about general resolution here.Hm… I think I already  have mentioned everything on my last 3 entries. But, well.. I guess I have few more left :)

I am not a very sociable person that’s why other people  think that I am a stuck up. The truth is, I am a kind individual, generous, helpful, but I am not good at saying hi to someone if I have to do it first. I don’t even say hi to my in laws who don’t say hi to me. Deadma baga hehehe.. I guess, I would have to change this attitude.

For now, this is one of the things  that I know I need to work on. Oh and also, I need to stop giving parties,’s getting expensive. I have to just take the kids to a kid’s place and spend less. :)


Wow! What kind of resolution is this? I am known to be lazy at home.

Since I don’t work outside our home, I will consider being a stay at home mom to be my WORK. I guess what I can promise as a resolution are  as follow:

  • make sure to change our beddings every week.
  • mop the kitchen floor every single day
  • clean the living room every 2 days, hehehe..
  • check downstairs at least every week.
  • give bathroom general cleaning every week
  • limit my grocery shopping to once a week to save money
  • put away clean clothes as soon as it’s done.
  • make sure the kids have their normal food before I cook ours.
  • take a shower every night (hey! it’s part of my job..:) don’t you think?)
  • make sure Roan is done with his homework before he can watch TV.
  • Let my mom do the laundry since it’s her exercise.

I guess, this is it. This job description belongs to a “HOUSEMAID”  what d’ya all think???

image Hmm, what can I say about this? Well, hubby and I had known each other for 10 years, been together 9 and will be married 7 years in April. Do we really know each other yet? Yes and No.. No matter how long a couple had been together, there is still a  chance that you don’t know some of his habits, traits, and attitudes.

Hubby and I are very vocal with what we feel. He tells me if he didn’t like what I did, and vice versa. Maybe if the first couple of years, we tried to hide what we felt, but as the years went by, we learned to be more open.

I think, when our love life is concerned, I will be :

One: Be more sensitive of his needs. Sometimes, because I am online most of the time, I don’t know what he wants. I guess, dinner at the table when he comes home is not enough to consider me as the perfect wife. I will have to make sure that he is happy before hitting the bed “wink” then I will get up and do my payu2 opps..;)

Two: I will try to be more gentle with him. I tend to snap at him when I don’t like what we’re talking about. I yell and he doesn’t like that. I am kind of stubborn and I need to change that for the sake of our marriage.

Three: I need to learn how to wear sexy lingerie, although he said I don’t need it, since it would be ripped off anyways :) Well, I promise to take care of myself, dress nice, and make sure I look pretty when he comes home from work, that way, he feels that I prettied up myself for him, (that is, when I feel like getting up and leave the computer..)

I think, for now, these are the three things that I need to work on. Rodney and I are so much alike and we understand each other. I guess that’s the reason why we’re still happily married. We joke a lot, we say what we feel, we compliment each other and so on and so forth. But because we’re not perfect, we still have to work on some things to make sure that we stay together until we say goodbye to this world…

Happy GT to all!


For whatever reason, I haven’t joined GT for quite sometime, probably over a month. I don’t know why, but my valid reason is, I got busy and the most valid reason is, I got lazy. The only Meme that I was joining for the last few months was my own that I host at Couple’s Corner.

I have missed great topics for not joining GT. So this week, I want to join even if I know that I will be the 30th person in line. But, oh well, better late than never..

This week it’s about health. What do I need to write about my health? That I will stop eating a lot and try to watch my diet? Hmm..that would be a very common resolution because most people say that to themselves.

I know a good one for me. From now on, I will take my medicine everyday so I feel better. I have maintenance medicine for my allergy (Zyrtec) for my acid reflux (Nexium) and my Aspirin, so I don’t go into stroke. I had been having few medical issues that if I don’t watch and take care of myself, can lead to more serious one. My only concern now is my high platelet count which can cause me blood clot if it goes out of hand. That’s why I’m into Aspirin regimen, to avoid heart attack.

From time to time, I get a little high on my BP but, thanks God I don’t need medication yet, I just need to watch my salt and cholesterol intake. That is my Health resolution. to make sure that I take my meds everyday as I need it. I am only one body and  my kids are still young to be left in the world. Life is too short, so we have to really love and care for it.

I hope that Eveybody had a great New Year!!

There is only one place that I can think of. China Buffet in Huntsville, AL. Hubby and I don’t eat out much, aside from thye place is far away, it costs money too. We can spend at close to $30 eating out, while if we eat at the house, we can spend that much, but the whole family can eat..

They have 6 Buffet tables.

Sushi bar (my first trip would be here..)

My appetizer. Cheesy Mussles (tahong), salt and pepper shrimp, Sushi! Yum

Munching on my food.

Unlimited supply of crab legs, Busog talaga!

Whenever Rodney and I feel like going to the China Buffet, these are what we normally get. They have so much selection and I cannot taste everything. Before I can try most of it, I would be so stuffed.

After talking about shopping in the Health and Beauty section which I got so many comments, thanks a lot to all who came and visited me. If I happened to miss visiting you back, nudge me and I will come visit you..

Like health and beauty stuff, I don’t go to home section very often, but when I do, these are what I mostly get.


I don’t know, but I am so obsessed with bath towels. I mostly look at them, and from time to time, buy if it’s on sale.


I replenish my kitchen towels every 2-3 months, because sometimes, they get nasty from being used all the time.


I try to match my mittens with my kitchen towels, but I always end up being unmatched.


I don’t buy dinnerware but I just pass by there and look at different styles, and tell myself that one day I will get the design that I want.


I am fascinated with different kitchen utensils, although, I have everything that I need, I still go to the aisle and just browse.


Pots and pans are always my weakness. I keep looking  at this non stick stuff and hoping that mine get old really quick so I have reason to buy new ones, but, they are pretty high, so I stick with the ones I have, a little battered from being used so much.


Not very often that I buy beddings, and yet, I pass by that aisle and keep admiring those pretty comforter sets and bedding. I wish I have enough money to buy whatever I want. Oh well..

So far these are the things that I know I always visit at the store although I don’t buy them. It’s my therapy for myself. I will put them in my cart, then take them out when I am close to the cash register, oh di ba?

So, what about you? what do you normally get when you pass by HOme section or Housewares area??

Have a great Girl’s Talk..

We are still talking about shopping on this month’s GT, and this week we will be talking about what me mostly get when we pass by the Health and Beauty aisle.

I don’t go to Health and Beauty aisle every week, but when I do this is what I normally get, not all @ the same time, since they don’t get replenished the same way, so whatever we need that week, that’s what I will get.

 image image

Dove bar soap or nothing for me. This is the only soap that my skin can tolerate, I still put lotion after my shower. I don’t understand why during my teen years, I can take a bath using Ajax detergent, and I was fine.. My skin hardly tasted bar soap during those days of  my life. Dial liquid soap for Rodney and Dan

image This is the brand that I normally buy, I like the Aloe Vera ones, and most of the time, I send this to the Philippines, cheap and works great too. I tried so many brands of hair care and my hair is still shedding. So, I will stick with Suave Aloe..

image image

Equate (generic brand) for my body, and Olay for my face.

image image

Dove for my armpit, and Gillete for Rodney’s and Dan’s

image image

Shaving cream for Rodney and Bubble Baths for the kids

image image

Equate powder for AJ’s butt, and Shampoo for the kids

image image

Colgate for the adults and Crest for the Kids.


image image

Feminine wash for me, and hair dye for my mom and me.

image  image

My liquid make up and CG pressed powder.

image image

Tylenol for Adults and Tylenol for Kids

Our medicine cabinet looks like Pharmacy for all different medicine for all sickness, and I don’t need to post each one of them, otherwise, you will be scrolling down up to eternity.

Well, these are what I get usually when I go down that aisle and I want to see yours too.

Have a great GT to all!!!

This month of November  at Girl’s Talk, we will be talking about what do we mostly  get at certain aisle when we go shopping . You know how we women tend to go from aisle to aisle just cause? 

Grocery Aisle.  Well, I do grocery shopping at least 2x a week,since for some reason I always forget to buy this and that. Anyways, due to the fact that I am a female species, I love to spend money that my husband earns.

I cannot find my camera so I cannot take a picture of the groceries that I normally buy when I am out to shop . So, I will be borrowing pictures from Google..

image image

for the kids and Rodney/    Spam is for me!

image image

for the girls and Rodney                   For all of us!

image image

Choco- for Chocolate milk , Mountain Dew for Rodney

image image

My kids love ramen noodles, and ham sandwich

image image

Cheaper brand of bread, and Kraft or nothing for mayo

image image

eggs for everybody and RedBull for Rodney

image image

Chicken Nuggets for the kids and Spaghetti for All

image image

Cheese for AJ to munch                        Juice for me!

image image

My family consume at least 4 galloons of milk a week.

These are the most usual stuff in my cart when I go grocery shopping. These are the things that we cannot live without. I buy the exact brand too. Some are branded but most is generic..They taste the same to us..

Let’s see what’s on your buggie when you go grocery shopping. Share it with us here at Girl’s Talk, being hosted by my Kumareng Kaye.

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