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Yesterday was Board Breaking Night at River City Karate, each student was supposed to bring 3 friends to break boards too. And since we forgot that it was yesterday, Roan didn’t ask any of his friends to go to the Karate studio. so, he ended up with his 2 siblings, Wrozlie and AJ. They were allowed to do some Karate stunts and the girls enjoyed it so much.

Wrozlie and AJ sitting with the other visitors

AJ being helped my Sensei doing her push ups

Sensei put them next to Roan

Roan doing his board breaking moves..

It's Wrozlie's turn to break a board..

wohoo! AJ broke her board into 3 pieces..

Listening position

I believe that the girls had fun. Wrozlie said that she wants to go to Karate class and doesn’t want to go to ballet anymore. Hmm.. We will see..

Saturday was my cleaning day, so while I was cleaning I brought the kids to my in laws house and they took some photos while they were there.

183040_202656099751075_100000200582874_873421_2557225_n                                   Roan and his cousin Wade

184250_202656423084376_100000200582874_873429_4190706_n                                            Wrozlie and AJ

184215_202655666417785_100000200582874_873418_1172085_n                                     Roan, AJ, Wrozlie and Wade.

My in laws watch Wade on the weekends, since both my sister and brother in law work at the same time, and my kids love Wade, they enjoy playing with him. Wade is almost 4 months old now. He’s the newest addition to the Barnett clan. He’s too cute. When I look at him, I miss having babies, then I would look at my kids and I would simply say, Nah.. I have plenty..

[youtube]The kids were having fun playing in the snow..

My kids love to stay in our bed to watch TV. They have their own in they room and yet, they come to our room and play and stay there and mess up all my stuff.



See what I mean? they would lay down on our bed, and just watch TV. I love it when they get along well, but when they start aggravating each other, they give me headache. Ugh!

Take care you all and have a great weekend..


Now you know, what are they going to be on Halloween. My kids are always excited to try their costumes on. Roan will be the Witch Doctor, Wrozlie The Witch and AJ The Kitty Cat.

Come join us on the 30th for our Halloween Costume party and have fun!!!

100_4857 My girls love to go to my closet and ransack my shoe rack. They would dress up and put on my shoes and pretend they are ME. Can you guess whose chubby feet are these, who doesn’t know which is right and left??


100_4859 What about this one who has toe nail polish and thinks she knows what she’s doing??

My girls are fun to be with. I am so thrilled that I have 2 girls who in no time I will be sharing make up tips, talk with about boys and hopefully I can be their best friend..They are my bestest friends in this whole wide world.




As if I am busy. Hahaha! Tomorrow is the girl’s ballet class at 430PM, so I had to drive them there and wait for an hour. They loved their Ballet Summer Camp last summer, so I decided to enroll them this Fall and they’re enjoying it. I just bought them tap shoes because they both need it.

image This is an exact replica of their tap shoes $16.99 a pair. Wahhhh! it’s a little pricey but oh well.. They both love to tap dance, so I guess, I didn’t any choice.

On Thursday, Roan has an appointment at the Karate Class to see if he like it or not. If he does, I would enroll him too. I think, I would call myself a Soccer mom, only my kids don’t play soccer… I love it though, I love it that I can be with my kids all the time. I won’t miss anything..

Have a great day to all!!

image Roan had been itching since Friday night, before we went to church to attend the 7pm service for Revival, I noticed that he had some welts or hives under  his chin, and some on his body. But, we went anyways, then he was prayed over by our pastor and the Evangelist JR Holsinger.

All day Saturday he wasn’t able to go to the Fun run with the other kids due to his whole body was covered with hives, so I just gave him allergy medicine. Everytime he took medicine, the hives would go away. So, even if he had hives, we kept taking him to church and all. Monday, I sent him to school but gave him Benadryl for his itching. Tuesday sent him to school again, but at 230pm, school nurse called me and said that I need to pick him up because he was covered with hives. I went to the school and there was my son, so upset because his face looked swollen, his back was covered with hives, his arms also full of hives and he was itching.

Took him home, called the doctor’s office, made an appointment, and luckily got a 330pm appointment. Doctor seen him, said it wasn’t contagious, and it was only an allergic reaction to something that we can’t figure out what. It can be food from school, grass, detergent, or what not. I am so glad it wasn’t contagious because I have 2 little ones here that can get whatever he’s got if that’s the case. He was given a steroid shot for the swelling and 3 days of oral steroids to be taken every 12 hours.

He was also given something for the itch that I will take to the school, in case, it happens again. He scared me though, the way he looked yesterday, I thought I was going to take him to the ER. He was swollen, his fingers, toes and all. I am now at peace because when he woke up this morning, most of the hives had subsided. He wasn’t itching much but, I still gave him his dose of oral steroid. Whew!

Ugh! this weekend was kind of exhausting for me. After finishing up 20 tasks from one of my favorite paid posts companies, we had some activities at church. We had revival for 2 nights and a Homecoming last Sunday.

There was also  a Depot days in Hartselle last Saturday the 19th  and the 3 kids did a fun run and ran 1 mile. Roan was full of hives during the fun run so he wasn’t able to do it.

image Dan, AJ and Wrozlie and the rest of the Apostolic Lighthouse kids did the run. (Tiffany, Shian, Emaly, Brianna and other girl but forgot her name..)

image Getting ready to run..

image David, Rodney and myself, got lazy and didn’t run with the kids, we were just sitting and waiting for them to come back from their run..what a bunch of lazy butts, hehehe!

I was so proud of my kids for doing the run, sister Amanda went with Emaly, and ended up watching for Alexandra too.

After the run, they went and played at the park, whew! That was an experience to the kids..

Well, Dillard’s had an informal Back to School Fashion show last Saturday at the Parkway Place Mall in Huntsville, and because they always use talents of PAMA Agency, my kids were included. It’s just to show some outfits that kids will use for back to school.

After the fashion show, Dillard’s had a Model search for their print ads, so each kid had a picture taken by professionals.

100_4095 Before the fashion show begins

100_4096 They were lining up to go outside



I was just being an excited mom, taking picture here and there.



My daughter while walking out to the floor.


Roan while stepping up to the mini stage.


Roan on top of the stage.


Wrozlie walking and showing her outfit.


My beautiful princess doing her killing pose.


Before they did their grand finale.


Proud Daddy while waiting for the fashion show to be over.

I wasn’t able to take lots of pictures, my eyes were blurry. I had to see my kids walk and show their poses. It’s hard to explain how I felt while seeing my kids do what they do best (give mom happy moments) It might be an informal modeling for them, but for me, it’s one of their achievements. If I had to drive them  around the world, I would with so much pride, for the sake of my children. Even Rodney was misty eyed after seeing his kids’ performance, Wrozlie received a big applause from the audience due to her being so witty. I love being a mom. Next year, AJ will be in the fashion show too.

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