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It’s so hard to believe that it’s 2010. 2009 just zoomed out so fast. What did you all eat for Media Noche? I bet most of you, especially those in the Philippines had so much food on the table, 13 types of round fruits, so many coins in their pockets when the clock strikes 12:00AM, and of course the traditional fireworks, pulling  empty cans to make noise, and for those who weren’t given the luck of being tall, would jump up and down for more height. Ahhh! I miss Philippines during the times like these.

I can still remember when I was young, they believed that you have to have more food and more money during New Year’s eve, for what? Prosperity…so that you welcome the new year with abundance. Hmmm…and mind you, you are not suppose to spend money on New Year’s day, so my mom would have to buy everything that we need the day before New Year, otherwise, you will spend the next whole year of spending ,spending and spending, hehehe..

What did we have for Media Noche? Pizza, a big one..for Rodney and the kids. I didn’t plan on cooking, since if I cook anything, it will not get eaten, so I thought of just buying pizza  for $10 and mind you, all that’s got left was some crust. Better than having lots of left over. I bought center cut ham and shrimp cocktail to eat on January 1st, so that we have something to munch on while watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, that I rented from the Red Box. This is how we are going to celebrate our New Year.

I just wanted to greet you all Happy New Year and I hope that this year will give us all luck and prosperity!!

P.S. Wrozlie is getting better now, and I am too. I am taking  Allegra-D12 and it seems to be helping my allergy.

Gosh! Christmas is over..oh yeah, paycheck is gone as well, hehehe! I can’t believe that it’s almost 2010. I still remember when we were so scared of the Millenium, while waiting for the midnight, I was like expecting of this “end of the world” thing, was that 10 years ago? Shucks, as if it was only yesterday. Oh well, I was planning to take down our Christmas decorations, but it’s still on the table, I just don’t have the motivation to get my butt to move. I felt so tired and no energy. But, I keep looking in front of my laptop, ehehehe. I didn’t have the energy to join Memes, like the Mommy Moments and Girl’s Talk, sorry friends..I will catch up when I get the enthusiasm, right now, my allergy is just killing me. I feel like my ears are stuffed up, my forehead is congested and my face feels like swollen, it could be my Sinus Allergy.

I just wanted to greet everybody a Happy New Year, we will go to my SIL’s house, family and friends are going to meet there for games and cards and see what things we can do.

Enjoy your Holidays Guys and Have fun!!!

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